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PASSENGER COMPARTMENT 10. Cargo cover (if so equipped) (-57) 11. Rear cup holders (-51) 12. Console box Power outlet (-50) USB memory operation (-77) or ® iPod player operation (-86) 13. Front cup holders (-51) JVC0315X Coat hooks (-55) Moonroof switch (-62) Rear personal light (-65) Map light (-64) Power window controls (-60)

n  April Boyle: The people who give you money want to know where their money is going, so reaching out to organizations that provide assistance with business plans helps as well. Suggested “Detroit Soup” for help with funding. “The road to entrepreneurship isn’t a ladder, it’s a jungle. Two steps forward, three steps back.” It won’t be easy.

And the opposite effect takes place when the ambient temperature is far away from the setpoint because it takes a lot of time for the A/C to satisfy the requirements in the place where the thermostat is installed. By the time it is happy, the far rooms are saturated.

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