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"When I joined the ladies at the table it was not my intention to get into an argument with anyone. I am sure Shannon felt the same way when she sat down. By the way, if you notice, I took Tamra's place at the table, which left Shannon a seat opposite me. So, that really wasn't her plate she threw down. That really wasn't her half-eaten steak," Kelly wrote, explaining Shannon's plate throwing.

What was going through your head? "I actually apologized to the director [Jesse Peretz] because I started to weep. I went to him and said, 'I'm very sorry. It wasn't anything that I had planned to do, if you want to reshoot it.' And he said, 'No, it's perfect.' I felt how momentous it was and it got me."

After his death, his brother Alexander became heir-apparent and Prince of Orange. However he also died before their father, who was now without sons. The States-General adopted cognatic primogeniture in 1888.

“No photograph could possibly ever convey the beauty
of such a sight. The hillocks of land known for its beautiful orange orchards.”

The National Weather Service’s hazardous weather outlook for Hurricane Irma and Orlando said on September 7: “Major Hurricane Irma is forecast to move west-northwest into the eastern Florida Straits on Saturday, then turn north and make its closest approach to central Florida, through Sunday night or early Monday. While it is still too early to be specific about direct impacts that Irma will have on east central Florida, deteriorating weather conditions, with increasing winds and widespread rain and squalls, are likely, and boating and surf conditions are expected to become quite dangerous by this weekend.”

You researched famous prison riots in the plotting of this season, which have happened in men’s prisons. What were some of the things you wanted to accomplish in showing how the women of Orange would riot?

"You wore blackface -- which has historically been used to disrespect and demean black people for centuries, which was quite literally invented as a method of disrespecting and demeaning black people -- but had no intention of being disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way," wrote Jezebel's Callie Beusman. "OH, OKAY."

The people here are very nice and very friendly and it did not take very long until we made some new friends, between playing dominoes the different card games we are playing and before you know it you make new friends. Of course you have to add Bingo to the list also. Also don’t forget all the different entertainment that is going on every month. We have never been sorry we came here and we never will.

Full Intention - Orange EPFull Intention - Orange EPFull Intention - Orange EPFull Intention - Orange EP